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We hand pick our merchandise in its original country before shipping it to the United States. While many antique stores claim authenticity, only we carry truly original, handmade, and one of a kind items from the Indian Subcontinent and the East. We are the oldest & most authentic company  based in Houston, TX offering you Sacred Statues & Artifacts from India, Tibet & Nepal.We GUARANTEE prompt deliveries in USA.


All of our merchandise is derived from the ancient and spiritual civilizations of the Indian Subcontinent, with an emphasis on Hinduism and Buddhism. Both of these spiritual paths are intertwined with the culture of the East and their aspects manifest themselves everywhere, from art to literature to music to decorations. It is their lifestyle. Western societies have often been intrigued by these Eastern philosophies, including meditation, yoga, and even kama sutra. And it is our joy to introduce to you the beautiful products of these civilizations, ancient and new, mystic and custom made.
As a result of our work, we are proud to be considered a “mini-museum” in the Houston Area – because of the fine collection we carry.
We custom make STATUES for TEMPLE, MONASTORIES, YOGA STUDIOS, SPIRITUAL & RETREAT CENTERS in BRONZE,STONE & WOOD. Please call us for a home shrine need in your own home.

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