About Us

Zarposh India is derived from the word ZAR which means GOLD and POSH which means WHO POSSESS it.

So ZARPOSH INDIA  in total  means Wealthy & Culturally rich of India’s Heritage collection of Art & Artifacts. Our Art & Artifact collection reflects that richness.

For a decade, we have lived true to our name, collecting original antiques from the Indian Subcontinent and making it available to collectors who want to posses true, spiritual products from ancient heriutages of the East. Unlike most anqiue businesses, we actively pursue original and unique merchandise via constant travel throughout India, Tibet, Nepal, and beyond to bring back one of a kind art, artifacts, jewelry, and more – handmade, unique, and laden with history.

From the land of spirituality, ancient heritage, and devotion, Zarposh India brings you a unique collection. We pride ourselves on the fact that our products and services are authentic. All of our merchandise is derived from the ancient and spiritual civilizations of the Indian Subcontinent, with an emphasis on Hinduism and Buddhism. Both of these spiritual paths are intertwined with the culture of the East and their aspects manifest themselves everywhere, from art to literature to music to decorations. It is their lifestyle. Western societies have often been intrigued by these Eastern philosophies, including meditation, yoga, and even kama sutra. And it is our joy to introduce to you the beautiful products of these civilizations, ancient and new, mystic and custom made.


Now, from the land which is has given the world science (the zero, the decimal), religion (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism), history and wonder (the Taj Mahal), and spirituality (meditation, yoga) – you too can owe the pieces which record the achievements of 5,000 years of history and tradition. The same pieces that emperors such as Alexander the Great and those of the Mogul empire gazed upon and collected in their lifetimes can now belong to you.

History is waiting….